Oliver Oscar Mbamara, Esq., Admin Judge of New York State, FIlmmaker, Poet, Actor, and Publisher

President, Nollywood Producers Guild USA Calls for Support in The Telling of African Stories Through Film

“Africans must rise to the challenge of telling their own stories. There are many African stories to be told, and histories and cultures to be safeguarded through the African perspective. Nollywood offers both a voice for our people and a bed of investment opportunities to be explored and enjoyed.”

Nollywood Producers Meet With Nigeria’s Consul General in New York

Nollywood Producers In Closed Door Meeting With Nigeria’s Consul General

Nollywood Producers In Closed Door Meeting With Nigeria’s Consul General New York, New York: Recently, some executive members of the Nollywood Producers Guild, USA had a closed door meeting with the Consul General of Nigeria in New York, Ambassador Habib Baba Habu on ways to move the Nollywood Industry in Diaspora forward. The meeting took […]

Oliver Oscar Mbamara Esq., attorney, writer, actor, filmmaker, publisher, editor-in-chief

Oliver Oscar Mbamara

PROFILE: Oliver Oscar Mbamara, is an attorney, filmmaker, actor, writer, & poet. Background and Legal Career: Oliver Oscar Mbamara started writing and acting while pursuing a legal career in Nigeria before moving to the United States where he was also admitted to the bar. He subsequently became an Admin Judge for the State of New […]

Oliver O. Mbamara, Esq., Publisher and Editor-in-chief

Is there a purpose to a diverse world?

Diversity allows each entity or individual to operate at its own level. Each move and survive at a pace peculiar to it. The diversity of life therefore provides each differing consciousness with what it requires to subsist and advance with life.

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