Joni Wellness Celebrates 60th Birthday Anniversary in Madison New Jersey

“When when we free our Spirits through creative involvement, magic happens! (Healing, too…) With all happening in the world today, the significance of non-violent beginnings becomes even more important. Violence is the result of ignorance. Ignorance begets fear. Each moment is a new beginning, …” – Joni

City of Newark African American Heritage Parade 2017 in Newark, New Jersey

City of Newark holds African American Heritage Parade 2017 in Newark, New Jersey The City of Newark held its African American Heritage Parade on Sunday, May 28th. The event was attended by an array of African traditional personalities, cultural groups, government officials, professionals, and  citizens from several cultural and ethnic background. It was indeed a […]

PROFILE: Sire Dione Conde, Goodwill Ambassador & Advocate of Social Justice, Women Rights

Ambassador Sire Dione Conde, Goodwill Ambassador, Advocate of Social Justice, Good Governance, and Women Rights. Ambassador Sire Dione Conde is a UNESCO goodwill ambassador for peace. She is also the President of New York State chapter of UNESCO Center for Peace. Under her leadership, African Women for Good Governance pioneered several educational initiatives for many […]

Dr. Ogbuji graduation party

Surprise Graduation Party for Dr. Kelechi Ogbuji in Queens New York

Wife Throws Surprise Graduation Party for Dr. Kelechi Ogbuji Queens, New York: A surprise graduation party was thrown for Dr. Kelechi Ogbuji by his wife Casandra Iwule-Ogbuji in Queens, New York. In attendance were several friends, relatives, and families of the couple who joined in on the surprise and subsequent partying. No doubt, both the […]

Massidi Agency Productions Gets Women Together In Good Governance

The Massidi Agency Productions  advocates for social justiceAnd Women In Good Governance. Under the leadership of Ambassador Sire Dione Conde, the Massidi Agency Productions  continues to advocate for social justice and bring women together for good governance and peace while standing for women rights. Below are some pictures of her recent efforts. Picture courtesy of […] is an online magazine dedicated to the presentation and promotion of African theater, plays, culture, talents, fashion, pictures, and traditions around the globe.....

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