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Friends Africa Announces 2013 Champions for Global Health

PRESS RELEASE October/29/2013 For Immediate ReleaseContact: Ezeigbo Maureen Communications Manager, Friends Africa Friends Africa Announces 2013  Champions for Global Health (Lagos, Nigeria, 29 October 2013) Friends Africa today proudly announces the 2013 Champions for Global Health; a ground breaking initiative designed to amplify expert voices on the African continent and beyond. The selected Champions are joining […]


10-year old Nigerian girl makes Forbes Magazine record

A-10 -year-old Nigerian girl, Zuriel Elise Oduwole, who enjoys interviewing presidents and world business leaders, was recently celebrated as the youngest person to be interviewed by Forbes Magazine. Victoria Ipe, in this piece, captures Zuriel’s achievements, background and what qualifies her to be featured in the August, 2013 edition of Forbes Africa. IN today’s world, […]

Iage - forgotten African history

A Forgotten Chapter of African Heroism – Jesus Chucho Garcia, Venezuelan Ambassador to Angola

Between the 16th and 18th century African civilizations located on the West Coast, most had been influenced by the triangular trade between Africa -Europe-America, known as the slave. Within this commercial, Africa becomes the granary of labor required to strengthen the European colonies in the new world. In order to achieve the removal of labor […]

Sinead O’Connor writes an open letter to Miley Cyrus – “You are worth more than your body…”

In an open letter that seems written from a motherly heart, the 47 year old Irish singer-songwriter Sinead O’Connor has urged Miley Cyrus to avoid being deceived and exploited by music industry which O’Connor says doesn’t care about Miley or any other artist. According to O’Connor “They will prostitute you for all you are worth, […]

Nigeria Independence Parade 2013 in New York

New York, New York:  Nigerians all over the world recently celebrated their country’s 53rd independence anniversary with a parade attended by many Nigerians and others in the tri-state area and beyond. It was a day of celebration featuring several dignitaries, members of the Diplomatic Corp, New York City council members, leaders, and more. HOW IT […]

Ibos at Ibo celebration night

Annual Igbo Night New York Celebration 2013

Brooklyn, New York: Recently the Annual New York Ibo Night was held in Brooklyn New York. It was a night of Ibo cultural celebration and camaraderie as Ibos from around the United States gathered to once again celebrate their Ibo traditional heritage. In attendance were many sons and daughters of the Ibo tribe from Southeastern […]

Award recipient with trophy

4th Nigerian States Sports Carnival

New Jersey, USA: Recently, the 4th Nigerian States Sports carnival was held in New Jersey.The was organized by the Nigerian Sports and Cultural organization was attended by Nigerians and Africans from and around the New Jersey, New York, Connecticut tri-state area. A number of Nigerians were recognized and some received award trophies for their their […]

Mbano, Nigerian African women in traditional attire

Mbano Indigenous Cultural Convention USA 2013

Queens, New York:  The Mbano National Assembly recently held its Indigenous Cultural Convention in New York. The event witnessed a massive turnout of Mbano Indigenes across the United States. It was an evening of camaraderie and fun-filled entertainment. Our staff was there to bring you the coverage with exclusive shots as usual. HOW IT HAPPENED:   […]

Miss Africa Tri-state

Miss Africa Tri-State Beauty Pageant 2013

New Jersey: The Miss Africa Tri-State Pageant 2013 was recently held in New Jersey, United States. HIGHLIGHTS AND HOW IT HAPPENED: The Miss Africa Tri-State 2013 was recently held in New Jersey and was attended by a mixture of Fashion and culture enthusiasts. There were great performances by the Yaaya cultural group. The President of the Pageant […]

Ohafia USA National Cultural Convention 2013

Queens New York: The of Ohafia in the USA recently held their annual convention in Queens New York. The event was attended by sons and daughters of Ohaji across the United States of America. The event featured speeches by dignitaries as well as cultural performances by traditional and cultural entertainers including the popular Ohafia war […]

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