Pearlena Igbokwe, President of Universal Television, a subsidiary of National Broadcasting Cable (NBC), Universal Television Group.

Profile: Pearlena Igbokwe, First Ibo-Nigerian/Black Woman To Head Universal Television

African Personality Profile: Pearlena Igbokwe, Media Television Entertainment Personality Pearlena Igbokwe was named President, Universal Television in June 2016.  Most recently, she was Executive Vice President, Drama Development for NBC Entertainment. Prior to that, Igbokwe was Executive Vice President, Drama Programming for NBC Entertainment. Previously, Igbokwe was Executive Vice President, Drama Development, where she oversaw […]

Picture of Ibo masquerade performing an an African event

History of An African People: Igbo people of Nigeria; JEWS OF AFRICA – By Dr. Leonard Madu.

“In a White House memo dated Tuesday, January 28, 1969 to President Nixon, former Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger describes the Igbos as “the wandering Jews of West Africa – gifted, aggressive, westernized, at best envied and resented, but mostly despised by their neighbors in the federation”(foreign relations document, volume E-5, documents on Africa 1969-1972).”

Kanayo O. Kanayo, AY, Queen Okoye, Pascal Atumah, Tchidi Chikere

Pascal Atuma and Tchidi Chikere team up to direct GLO’s “Professor John Bull” TV Series

Pascal Atuma and acclaimed Nollywood Director Tchidi Chikere team up to direct GLO’s “Professor John Bull” TV Series. African Events Correspondent in Nigeria reports that Nollywood directors Pascal Atuma and Tchidi Chikere are currently working together in Enugu directing a TV series titled “Professor John Bull.” Telecom giant Glo brought the pair together to direct […]

Dr. Chika Onyeani

Onyeani’s Letter To Africa: Africa Needs Stronger Leadership For A.U. Commission Chairperson

“Totalitarian dictators must not be rewarded with the position of Chairperson of the African Union Commission. The time for such shameful action is past. Africa needs to turn a new leaf. We don’t need the august body to be tainted with the excreta of leaders who believe they are above the law, who hold sham elections while jailing their opponents…” is an online magazine dedicated to the presentation and promotion of African theater, plays, culture, talents, fashion, pictures, and traditions around the globe.....

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