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Trying Times And Renewal of Consciousness – How Reasonable Are Our Beliefs?

POETIC PIECE – Trying Times And Renewal of Consciousness – How Reasonable Are Our Beliefs?

There is an uncertainty that pervades the human consciousness at the present time in view of certain developments. Incidents of war, terrorism, moral decadence, inhumanity, mortal sicknesses, and other atrocities rampant in this age continue to compel us to contemplate on why we are here, where we came from, and where are we going from here.

It is not uncommon to find institutions and authorities that tend to exploit the uncertainties of these situations as a ploy to bind or exploit those who listen to or believe in them. However, spiritual decisions and progress are dependent upon one’s consciousness at each point in time. It cannot be forced and it cannot be suppressed. Indoctrination can only go on for some time. One day, soul, which is the real self will in its freedom, shake off any unnecessary doctrine and continue its search for its home in God’s kingdom, but as Rebazar Tarzs, the great Tibetan Monk once said, “Only the bold and the courageous shall find God”. Each soul is responsible for itself.

The earth will always go through jolts that are sometimes so horrendous, yet the earth will go on until it runs its course. Life will always go on. Love and hate will always compete for superiority. Such is life, but what role do we want to play, and what will inform our decision? Is it mere blind faith or a conscious effort to know God by starting to know who we are? Several hundred years ago, Socrates made the point when he said “Worship the gods if you will but first know thyself”. These are trying times, how would you rate yourself?

It becomes pertinent for each individual or group of us to reexamine our beliefs in the face of today’s world and ask ourselves – how reasonable are our beliefs, how certain are we of our purposes on earth, and how do our beliefs help in answering these questions? God is love and the shortest route to God is love. This is only my understanding, and I am still learning.  See Poem Below



And many versions of religion thrive,
As many versions of heaven and hell,
Concepts of the beginning and the end abound,
Like Garden of Eden and theories of evolution,
Fears and warnings, and rumors of war,
Apocalypse, end of the cycle, or even more.

But is this the end or the test of times?

Teachings and sermons about the end,
From all corners of the earth we now do live,
And I shall neither argue nor fan such views
But I must yet the question ask;
What is the direction of all these theories?
To learn to love, or to destroy ourselves?

But is this the end, or the test of times?

I resist sounding the bell of doom,
And shall speak from a heart honestly deep;
The earth like a cycle must always evolve,
Love and peace, hate and war, are all in it,
But we must choose what role to play,
To ascend in love or to descend in hate?

For these indeed are trying times.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Oliver O. Mbamara is an attorney, a published writer, poet, and award winning actor and filmmaker. For more on Oliver O. Mbamara, please visit www.OliverMbamara.com

Originally published – Tuesday, September 10, 2002



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