PROFILE: Sire Dione Conde, Goodwill Ambassador & Advocate of Social Justice, Women Rights

Ambassador Sire Dione Conde, Goodwill Ambassador, Advocate of Social Justice, Good Governance, and Women Rights. Ambassador Sire Dione Conde is a UNESCO goodwill ambassador for peace. She is also the President of New York State chapter of UNESCO Center for Peace. Under her leadership, African Women for Good Governance pioneered several educational initiatives for many […]

Mosunmola Abudu (Mo Abudu)

PROFILE: Mosunmola Abudu is a media personality, TV producer, talk show host, entrepreneur, & human resources management consultant. “If you CAN think it …you CAN do it!” Talk about “words speaking volumes”, this catchy phrase aptly sums up the life, personality and achievements of Mosunmola Abudu – more popularly know as ‘Mo Abudu’. Mo’s whole […]

Oliver Oscar Mbamara Esq., attorney, writer, actor, filmmaker, publisher, editor-in-chief

Oliver Oscar Mbamara

PROFILE: Oliver Oscar Mbamara, is an attorney, filmmaker, actor, writer, & poet. Background and Legal Career: Oliver Oscar Mbamara started writing and acting while pursuing a legal career in Nigeria before moving to the United States where he was also admitted to the bar. He subsequently became an Admin Judge for the State of New […] is an online magazine dedicated to the presentation and promotion of African theater, plays, culture, talents, fashion, pictures, and traditions around the globe.....

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