President Goodluck Jonathan meets with Muhammadu Buhari

Do or Die Politics Versus Accountability And The Power of A Citizen’s Vote

Do or Die Politics Versus Accountability And The Power of A Citizen’s Vote

If two main political opponents in a touted politically tense environment could meet, greet, and laugh like this, making light of the campaign and the politics, why would their supporters make enemies, get stressed, and even maim or kill another in the name of political support and advantage. Read Full Editorial Below.


EDITORIAL: Politics need not be a matter of do or die. The most significant influence (and civic value) a citizen has lies in how he/she expresses the power of his/her vote. That is a fruitful way for the populace to peacefully make their preferences matter in the affairs of the polity. That is why one has to vote with reason not emotion, vote like a patriot not a traitor, and have a preference but not a relentless insistence on opinion.

There will always be a reward and the soothing of clear conscience for the leader who puts the masses before himself and sincerely works to better the lot of those he leads. In the same vein, there will always be a reckoning for the leader who has a responsibility to lead but chooses to mismanage. For the leader who pilfers the coffers of state rather than apply state resources to the wellness of the masses. For the leader who leads the people astray rather than inspire them to be better. And for the voter who knows how much good his/her vote could do but chooses to compromised.

In whatever we do, and from wherever we are, whether as a servant or as a boss, whether as a pauper or as the wealthy, as a member of the leading class or as the led, at some point we each have to account for the life we live and for what use we make of our opportunities. After all said and done, it is about how much love or hate and how much good or wrong we bring to others.

Epilogue: Though some may describe the meeting and video as awkward while others may doubt the sincerity of the greetings, yet one thing is clear. The timing and role of both in easing tensions and bringing some level of soothing to the beleaguered hearts of many conflicting Nigerians cannot be denied. It helps if we are welcoming to such developments.

– An African Events Editorial




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