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Igbo Organization: An African Example in Good Governance, Diligence, & Accountability

Igbo Organization: An African Example in Good Governance, Diligence, & Accountability

Recently, I attended a meeting of the Igbo Organization in New York, and when it was over, I was left impressed and reassured that Africans have and can always produce great and responsible leaders, other opinions to the contrary notwithstanding.

It was a pleasure to see the transparency and candor with which the organization’s records and activities were managed. The diligence of the Sir Obed Ejiogu led administration was obvious and evidence of their vehement efforts not in doubt. It was therefore pleasant but hardly surprising to most when the vice-president, Mazi Agwu Amah Agwu (CPA) announced how the association was just saved several thousands of dollars in a situation where the organization would have lost huge amounts of money. These officers have applied the experiences of their professional background but have waived the huge professional service fees that would ordinarily have been incurred by the organization.  Even an unannounced internal/self-audit remained undisclosed to officers until it was reported to the general house. The result? Not a penny more, not a penny less. If this type of efficiency and accountability at smaller constituencies are carried onto national levels, African nations will indeed benefit a lot.

Logo of Igbo Organization Inc

Logo of Igbo Organization Inc

Arriving well before most members did, it was uplifting to observe that that the executive officers were already at the table, laptops ready, standby printer running, and all ready to go. Yet they patiently waited for enough members to arrive before formerly proceeding. Wishing to take advantage of my being early, I approached the financial secretary, Sir Polycarp Ezeolu and asked if I could attend to my membership dues. He politely invited me to sit down and in three minutes he was done with me. Then he was off to the floor, paper and pen in hand to respectfully attend to the finances of an elderly lady member.

It is also pertinent to commend how prepared, ready, and engaged the general members were in the meeting. From board members, former executive officers, committee members, to general members ranging from lawyers, doctors, nurses, accountants, and other professionals, everyone paid attention and genuinely participated in deliberations. Commending or querying the officers where and when necessary in what appeared to be a healthy application of checks and balances.

In conclusion, I must mention that none of the officers or members of Igbo Organization knew that I was going to be writing this piece. It is simply an expression of my impression and a humble greeting to Igbo Organization and their able executives. As an Igbo saying goes: “ekene onye akidi ogwota ozo.” Limited translation: “The appreciation of good deeds encourage the doing of more.”

I would use this medium to invite all Ibos in the New York area to consider being part of this outstanding organization. For more on the organization contact the PRO, Jephter Ugochukwu Njoku at: (347) 680-3741.

God bless the Igbo Organization.

– Oliver O. Mbamara




  • August 19, 2014 at 12:37 am Reply

    Thank you very much for shading a positive light to the relentless efforts of these community servants. Everything we do, is in the interest of Ndi-Igbo. What you saw at this meeting was a glimpse of what these Executive Volunteers do on daily basis to promote the Igbo brand.

    Remain blessed.
    Sir Obed Ejiogu
    President, Igbo Organization Inc. New York.

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