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(Exposing Human-trafficking, Slave-labor, and Forced Prostitution) African Image and Integrity:
The will to survive is one of the cardinal factors that drive life. Among Africans and some other peoples of the world, this is further enhanced by the extended family system which sometimes compels people to do almost anything to not only help themselves but also members of their extended family. Incidentally, in order to make some quick money, there are those who take advantage of this and lure young men and women into slave-labor and prostitution.

In the SPADE MOVIE SERIES, the activities of an international organization engaged in using young women to ferry African artifacts abroad is exposed. Also exposed is the organization’s practice of trafficking in these young women whom they force into all sorts of illegal menial labor and activities including slave-labor, prostitution, and other illegal activities once they get abroad.

Those who decide to return home or stay on their own rather than engage in the menial jobs and activities imposed on them by the organization, are forced to pay off the cost of their visa applications and flight tickets before they are allowed to leave.
Instead of helping these young people to validate their residency and get legal employment or good livelihood as promised while convincing them to go abroad, the organization force these young people to make very hard decisions to survive. These stories are inspired by true life events and stories.

Many of these young people are usually not aware of the imminent dangers and realities of human trafficking, slave-labor, and forced prostitution that they eventually come to face until they get abroad and by then it usually turns out to be too late for them to back off or go back home. The SPADE MOVIE SERIES brings to light these practices so that many young people in Africa and other third world countries are made aware in time of the dangers and realities they could face if they agree to be brought overseas by such organizations that thrive in human trafficking, slave-labor and prostitution.

Finally, it is hoped that the necessary authorities would take the applicable steps to check these practices and help reduce if not eliminate them across the globe.
This film series also attempts to cast a positive light on Africa’s integrity and socio-economic status by showcasing such things as improving law-enforcement abilities and that many leaders of good character still exist in African societies despite the corruption and mismanagement that seems to pervade the top echelons of some African countries. We see positive efforts towards improving Africa’s image (Nigeria in particular) just as the struggle to preserve African values, culture, and tradition is once again a priority. We see Law enforcement Agencies (especially the Police) presented in a more decent and cleaned up manner. We see decently dressed officers in decent working environments using some up to date gadgets and applying modern day technology in tackling criminals.

Preserving African artifacts and fighting illegal human trafficking
The Spade Movie Series takes on some of those topics in African and third world countries hardly given the necessary attention. It attempts to bring attention to such plights as the desecration and exploitation of African artifacts as well the illegal trafficking of women especially the younger generation from third world countries to developed ones. These are the real issues.

In the case of the desecration of artifacts and African traditional institutions, these perpetrators find a way to convince the Africans to look at the core aspects of their culture and tradition as barbaric, cruel, or archaic. These Africans are then convinced to give up some of their traditional practices including such things as their artifacts. These artifacts are in turn taken abroad and sold for good money or displayed in revered museums in foreign lands.

In the case of human trafficking, the perpetrators of these plights do so by misrepresenting their intentions and by convincing the average citizen of any concerned third world country that he or she would enjoy a better life abroad in any of the popular developed or economically advantageous countries. Many times, hoping to make the valuable foreign hard currency so as to help their economically struggling families, these individuals from these third world countries end up agreeing to be taken abroad where they eventually find out that they have but become slaves or slave-workers for those who brought them abroad. Incidentally, these individuals find themselves working tirelessly in reluctant environments to earn enough money to pay off their masters and regain their freedom. Sadly many never get to pay off their masters. Many are perpetually sucked into the system while some face deadly consequences.
THE SPADE MOVIE SERIES is a series of feature films that chronicle the career of Special Agent Spade and his many attempts to protect and help preserve the values of African cultures and traditions by overcoming or thwarting the threats and challenges of those who engage in the desecration and exploitation of African cultural and traditional institutions, histories, relics, and society, including the illegal trafficking of Africa’s present and upcoming generation especially young girls and women

Bringing Awareness
What are governments of these countries doing about these? What are human rights and humanitarian organizations doing about these? It is hoped that this film series will help bring some attention towards addressing these issues.
Bridging Nollywood and Hollywood
The Spade Movie Series blends the rawness of talent and creativity that is paramount in African creative fields and indigenous film industries with the benefits of affordable technology in western filmmaking. It introduces a unique blend of African filmmaking – blending action, suspense, and tight twisting plots to the usual intrigue and drama of life for which African films are known. Part of the objective is to help bridge the gap between Western and African film industries.

Budget Challenges:
So far, the series have been produced with low budget financing. Hence the visions and aspirations of the producers have been substantially challenged by financial limitations. One can only imagine what could be achieved with meaningful funding and substantial budget. To that extent, enormous credit goes to the cast and crew – “a wonderful and committed team.”






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