Jane Maluka

Jane Maluka, singer, songwriter, guitaristJane Maluka, Singer, Songwriter, Composer, Guitarist, Producer, Voice healer, & Humanitarian

JANE MALUKA is a Danish Artist Musician, Visionary, Spiritual Teacher & Healer. Conventional professional backgrounds as a trilingual correspondent with experience in international corporate businesses, PA management, teacher in Danish as foreign language, co-owner of independent food business, and more. World Peace Activist. A world soul. Autodidact singer, songwriter, guitarist, composer, producer. An independent Artist sharing her gift in Healing Arts expressed in Music, Poetry, Writings, Visuals, Inspirationals. Concerts, Workshops, Inspired and Inspirational Speeches. Jane Maluka is authentic and not cut to measure – neither as a human being nor as an artist. She is only able to unfold her voice in freedom – like H.C. Andersen’s Nightingale – her vocal more bluesy than nightingale, though

Upon years of musical studies with renown teachers and conventional musical institutions, she soon came to realize that many teachers would reduce music – be it compository styles or vocal expression – to his or her own concepts and ‘religion’ – and judge anything deviating from that wrong, of lesser value or even bad. In order to maintain the joy of music she had to follow her own heart and authentic ways of expression – the voice of her soul

JANE MALUKA’s WORLD SOUL MUSIC and other works of arts sound in spiritual calling to inspiring and planting seeds to heightened awareness about self and others as co-responsible creators of the world we’re all part of manifesting.

It is out of the blues over low level human behaviour, sad world affairs and a turbulent life in hardship her songs of Hope Peace Love Harmony Light & Unity are born.

Since spiritual enlightenment experiences 1988 and thereafter, called, committed and following Divine Calling 24/7 in assignment to humanity service as an instrument of The Universe and Messenger of Love & Peace. In grounded dogmafree spirituality.

Awareness Conscience Consciousness Co-responsibility is Key

Peace Love Harmony Unity facilitate.


Hence Jane Maluka’s music and vision:

PLAY LOVE On Repeat*


Jane Maluka’s World Soul Music – World Soul Food!

matters of the heart 4Peace Human Rights Healing

Songs of Hope Peace Love Unity Harmony Healing


Proactivity for Peace Love & Positive Change Fullcircle Human & Nature!

For a better world as we are around in same boat*

BE The LOVE! you wish to see in the world – Jane Maluka

Main website www.janemaluka.com

Artist website with long previews to all albums and songs for purchase, please go to www.cdbaby.com/artist/janemaluka

To watch and listen to her music Videos with music clips and full songs previews, please go to www.youtube.com/malukamusic or also – http://janemaluka.com/music.html

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