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Slave Warrior is an African epic action adventure drama inspired by true life events in an 18th Century African village. The story is handed down by word of mouth from the then generation through the present one. It is a first hand  look at the era of trans-Atlantic slave from the perspective of the Africans who were the subject of the trade. More importantly, it explores the roles of native Africans and some of the circumstances surrounding their willing or unwilling involvement in a practice that has impacted lives and living many generations after.

According to Sir Laz Mbamara Ekejiuba who heard the story from his father Duruojikeyeme Ekejiuba and told the same to his son, Oliver O. Mbamara, “in the days of our fore-fathers, before the coming of the white man, it was an offense to kidnap another human being…

Synopsis/Logline: A journey back in time as an African warrior becomes a slave to save his captors clan from the invasion of some ruthless slave- traders in 18th century Africa.

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CULTURES is a new Comedy drama television series featuring Chief Chika Okpala MON, MFR, (aka: Chief Zebrudaya, alias 4:30)

Synopsis: Ozobio, a Nigerian immigrant in the USA has not been back home for a while. Concerned that Ozobio could marry from America, thereby ending his lineage back in Nigeria; Ozobio’s family chooses a wife for him and engages his Uncle, Chief Anabaraonye (Chief Chika Okpala, aka, Chief Zebrudaya, alias 4:30) to travel to the United States to deliver the “wife” to Ozobio. The Chief arrives to discover that Ozobio is already engaged to a Chinese-American, he takes matters into his hands to make things “right.” What ensues is a catalyst of humorous dramatic conflicts fuelled by differences in ego, values and cultures.Created, written and directed by Oliver Mbamara with Direction of photography by Felix Nnorom.  The Series is available for television and/or pay-per-view programming. Interested Persons Distributors/Marketers please Contact Producers.

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The SPADE MOVIE Series is a film series that chronicles the career and adventures of Special Agent Spade in protecting and preserving the values of African cultures, traditional institutions, histories, relics, and the illegal trafficking of Africa’s present and upcoming generation especially young girls and women.

THE LAST ASSIGNMENT is the first in the Spade Movie series which sees Special Agent Spade suspend his retirement and upcoming wedding plans in order to take up one final assignment to help the Agency overcome a ruthless gang of criminals that have just taken over the city museum and are holding some people hostage.

THE RETURN OF SPADE is the second series in which Agent Spade goes on a relentless pursuit of criminals from Nigeria through USA teaming up with the NYPD, the APD, and the FBI along the way.

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In this much anticipated sequel to the groundbreaking film THIS AMERICA, Nigerian filmmakers – Oliver Mbamara, Bethels Agomuoh, and Felix Nnorom continue to  portray and shed important light on the experiences and survival of the average African immigrant in the USA in particular and the Diaspora in general.

SYNOPSIS/Logline: Ozobio survives an attempt on his life only to end up running from the harrowing experiences that follow in his quest to survive in America.

Winner, NAFCA Cinematography award. Cast includes Placid Aguwa, Eric Chifunda, Angelinah Ada, Rena Anakwe, Ebbey Bassey M, Felixx Nnorom, Bethels Agomuoh, and of course, Oliver Mbamara who continues to deliver as “Ozobio.” If you have seen THIS AMERICA, you have to see ON THE RUN AGAIN.

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THIS AMERICA is generally referred to as the movie that kicked off the current trend of Nollywood Diaspora filmmaking as well as the telling of the experiences of African Immigrants in Diaspora through films. With three filmmakers (Oliver Mbamara, Bethels Agomuoh, & Felix Nnorom) coming together to make the film based on a novel by Oliver Mbamara then titled CONFLICTS OF AN IMMIGRANT.

Synopsis: An African comes to New York on vacation but events back home in Nigeria, forces him to reluctantly stay back in New York caught between starting life afresh and going back to his top-Executive comforts in Nigeria. However, his encounters make him wonder about this America for between his gun packing and violent neighbors, mistaken arrests by the Police and his domestically abusive wife who also packs a gun like a gangster, he was in for a true culture shock. – NOW ON DVD

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