MAIN Festival -15th Lagos Book & Art Festival, LABAF, Nov.15-17, 2013, Lagos, Nigeria


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Date(s) - Nov 15, 2013 - Nov 17, 2013
All Day

Freedom Park, 1 Hospital road, Lagos Island, Nigeria



 1 Hospital road, by Broad Street, Lagos Island




10.00a.m – 2.00p.m @ FPMuseum Conference Room 


 The British Council stages creativewriting session about writing short fiction stories for young adults at the Freedom Park on 15 November 2013. The workshopwill ask the following questions: Who are you writing for? What are the key things to think about? What– if specific – are the differences writing for young adults as opposed towriting for adults/ children? Why is this genre not so popular in Nigeria?

Theworkshop will be facilitated by UK writer MattWhyman, a young-adult novelist and a long-standing advice columnist for manyteenage magazines. Born in 1969, he grew up in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, andhas an MA in Creative Writing from the University of East Anglia (1992).Since then, he has taught creative writing projects across the UK, and for theBritish Council in Russia and the Middle East.

Participantsat this workshop are pre-selected from a call-out made for applications,however you may inquire about the event by calling: 08035250515.



11am-12noon@ The Main Stage, Freedom Park 


(Acecomedian mentors children on the role books have played in his life)

The rapidgrowth and development of the comedy business in Nigeria can largely beattributed to the dogged determination of a few individuals one of which isJulius Agwu. He happens to be one of the most successful entertainers inNigeria today.

It is nowuniversally accepted that Julius ‘D GENIUS’ Agwu is one of the greatestcomedians in the comedy world. The innate talent of making people laugh isinborn and it has taken him to every part of the world.

His recent autobiography: Jokes Apart: HowDid I Get Here? chronicles his journey to stardom and would prove a greatresource as he mentors children at the Festival on how books help in buildingcareers.



11am-12noon@ Kongi’s Hall 1 


Authorof The Accidental Public Servant, Nasir El Rufai is interrogated by  

MartinsOloja , Editor of The GuardianNewspaper, on the insight the book sheds on the country’s 53 years ofPost-Independence Governance

 TheAccidental Public Servant is a story of Nigeria, told from the inside. After a successful careerin the private sector, Nasir El-Rufairose to the top ranks of Nigeria’s political hierarchy, serving first as theprivatization czar at the Bureau for Public Enterprises and then as Minister ofthe Federal Capital Territory of Abuja under former President OlesegunObasanjo. In his tell-all memoir, El-Rufai reflects on a life in public serviceto Nigeria, the enormous challenges faced by the country, and what can be donewhile calling on a new generation of leaders to take the country back from thebrink of destruction. The shocking revelations disclosed by El-Rufai about theformation of the current leadership and the actions of prominent statesmen makehis memoir required reading for anyone seeking to understand the dynamics ofpower politics in Africa’s most populous nation.

 Martins Oloja was appointed as Acting Editor of TheGuardian in 2012. Before then he had been the Abuja Bureau Chief of thefrontline newspaper for many years. Respected as one of Nigeria’s finestjournalists, he brings to his work, keen perspectives on Nigerian politics andthe key players on the scene.



12noon –12.30pm @ The Main Stage 


(a satirictake on the Nigerian project, performed by The Crown Troupe of Africa) 

Established inJune 1996, The Crown Troupe of Africa is a dance-theatre company well known forthe creation of thought provoking and socially relevant works.

The company ismade up of artistes who share a common belief in the viability of the arts as atool for social re-engineering, a major motive driving the group’s dedicationto the creation of works that are socially relevant, thought provoking andempowering. Crown Troupe is famous for their ground breaking, unique andinnovative rendition of works which are flexible enough to be performed inconventional and unconventional performance spaces.




  12.30pm – 3pm @ Kongi’s Hall 1, Freedom Park 



Followed by: Readings,reviews and discussions around key books that plumb the depths of Nigeria’shistoryOkonjo Iweala’s Reforming The Unreformable; Nasr ElRufai’s The Accidental Public Servant; Alabi Isiama’s   The Tragedy of Victory: On-The-Spot Account ofThe Nigeria-Biafra War In The Atlantic Theatre, ChinuaAchebe’s A Man Of The People, Obafemi Awolowo’s Path To Nigerian Freedom

Panelists: Onukaba Adinoyi Ojo, Tolu Ogunlesi, TadeIpadeola, Akin Adesokan.

Moderator: Tunji Lardner

Akin Adesokan is an associate professor of comparativeliterature at Indiana University, Bloomington. He is an African writer andscholar whose first novel, Roots in the Sky, was published in 2004. His researchinterests are in twentieth- and twenty-first century African and AfricanAmerican/African Diaspora literatures and cultures, global postcoloniality,African cinema and contemporary global cinemas, postcolonial intellectualhistory, nonfictional prose, and literary and cultural theory.

About Tunji Lardner: Executive Director ofWest African NGO Network (WANGONeT), TunjiLardner holds a Bachelor degree in Philosophy from the University of Lagos(1980). Building on his early media career in Nigeria, he has over the last twodecades gathered wide international experience including serving as an AdjunctProfessor, Centre for New Media at the Columbia University School of Journalism(1996-8) and as a Research Fellow, Freedom Forum Media Studies Centre (1992-3)also at Columbia University. Mr. Lardner was also a Reuter Scholar/KnightFellow with the Department of Communications at Stanford University (1988-9).



2pm – 3pm @ The Food Court

A panel discussion around anew book / books being presented by a participating publishing house.Discussants and book(s) in question to be confirmed.




3pm – 5pm @The Food Court

A public forum on the sheerjoy of reading where 10 young bloggers representing the new face of Nigerianwriting that has found a home online, will read excerpts from stories thatcatch their fancy and discuss these with the audience. Moderated by Ayodele Olofintuade and interspersedwith live music performances.

Producedby LAIPO.



 3pm – 5pm @ Kongi’s Hall 1,


Leading gallery owners, curators andcollectors discuss the rise and rise of the Lagos art scene over the past fewdecades and most especially, the emerging galleries and trends and thepossibilities for future growth. Books to be referenced include Contemporary Nigerian art inLagos private collections, (edited by JessCastellote), Artists of Nigeria by  Onyema Offoedu-Okeke, and Ben Enwonwu: The Makingof an African Modernist,by SylvesterOgbechie.

 Moderated by Jude Anogwih, aninternational multimedia Artist,  Curatorand Art critic currently affliated to the Centre for Contemprary arts, CCA,Lagos

*Tobe followed by official opening of  NOFLY LIST, the exhibition in Kongi Hall 2



 5pm – 7pm @ Kongi’s Hall 1 


Aconversation featuring Akin Adesokan (author of Roots in the Sky) and John Godwin& Gillian Hopwood (authors of SandbankCity) on the diverse  storiesthat have shaped the growth of Lagos. Books to be referenced include: ‘LAGOS: A Cultural and HistoricalCompanion‘, by Kaye Whiteman, BuildingLagos by AyoVaughan Richards/Olu Akinsemoyin and Sandbank City. 

JohnGodwin, thearchitecture professor and passionate advocate of historical preservation inthe city of Lagos, says he is delighted to have been invited to a dialogue onLagos, a key sub-theme of the Lagos Book and Art Festival in November. “Somehowit seems appropriate that it will be the end of our first year as Nigeriancitizens”, Godwin, 85, writes in an email message to the Festival organisers.He is of the view that his attainment of citizenship status, after living inthe country for 59 years, is a reflection of “the heterogeneous nature of ouradopted city”.

Godwin and his wife Gillian, authors of Sandbank City: 150 Years of Lagos,will be having a conversation with Akin Adesokan, professor of ComparativeLiterature at Indiana University in Bloomington, United States on November 15,the opening day of the Festival, whose theme is Nigeria’s Centenary, The LagosNarrative.

In their book,the Godwins, both natives of Britain, recall their coming to Nigeria as “rawrecruits in 1954,” who were “fashionably anti-colonial” and expected to stayhere “for just 18 months and return home.” From then on, they have decided tostay and share a “different life and understanding other cultures”. KayeWhiteman, author of Lagos, A Cultural and Historical Companion, says ofSandbank City: “The book is written with love, and includes a host of smallillustrations accumulated over these years, in which the Godwins helpedcontribute to the face of the city and create the Legacy organisation, amovement to preserve its heritage. Some are their own photos showing howdifferent the city was when they first arrived in colonial Lagos”.

  • See Akin Adesokan’s bio above.



7pm – 9pm @ The Main Stage 

JAZZ NIGHT  @Freedom Park

A musicalconversation among three professional bands specializing in jazz and andrelated forms.

Produced by: InspiroProductions / Ayoola Shadare


                                                                DAY 2@ LABAF





10am-11.45am @ The Food Court

Select writers of  Short Storiesread from their works before a gathering of fellow writers and lovers of thegenre. Expected writers include Igoni Barret, Maxim Uzoatu, Molara Wood,Jumoke Verisimo, Toni Kan and others.

Curated by Adewale Maja-Pearce,Editor/Publisher of New Gong Book of New Nigerian Short Stories, the event will be opened with a short storyperformance by Chuma Nwokolo, author ofDiary of a Dead African and ‘TheGhost of Sani Abacha’ .



LAGOS 2060

10am –11.45am @ Kongi’s Hall 1

 DADA books presents an anthology of shortfiction set in Lagos, 100 years after Nigeria’s independence from British rule.The science-fiction collection has been in the making since 2010. The eightauthors who contributed to the collection will engage the audience withreadings, discussions and book signings.

 In Lagos: 2060, an unusual scenario planningexercise achieved through the power and magic of a creative writing programme;there are climate change induced natural disasters actively plugged by doomsdaypreachers of the day, there are serious government institutions involved infirst rate science and more often than not, these institutions tackle and solvethe energy crisis to various degrees of success. There are wars and near warsas Lagos threatens to secede from the Nigerian state to have full control ofits own economy. There are robots, amphibious speed trains, psychedelic drugsand highly trained security operatives with conflicts of interest, but moreimportantly, there are the ubiquitous Lagos people, whose industry andinventiveness seems largely unchanged, despite how much their city hastravailed in the intervening half century.



(Produced in partnershipwith BusinessDay Newspaper.) 


12noon – 1.30pm @ Kongi’s Hall 1

This year, theLABAF signature event on the direct link between books and financialintelligence will feature the following books(KingsleyMoghalu’s Emerging Africa: How the Global Economy’s Last Frontier CanProsper And Matter; and, Dambisa Moyo’s How The West Was Lost.The discussion panel will be moderated by Tayo Fagbule, Chairman of the Editorial Board, Business Day and thediscussants will be led by AkintundeOyebode, Head – SME Banking at Stanbic IBTCBank.




12noon –1.30pm @ The Food Court

What is the significance ofthe emergence of e-books and e-reading devices to the actual act of reading? Apanel discussion revolving around Shallows: What the internet is doing to ourbrains by Nicholas Carr and You are not a gadget: A ManifestobyJaron Lanier.

 Thenovelist Eghosa Imasuen and thepublicist Anwuli Ojogwu moderatea session that’s focused on “Wired Literature” at the 15th edition of the LagosBook and Art Festival. The session will be prefaced by Kayode Komolafe, Deputy Managing Director of ThisDay. Theconversation is interrogating the theory that the emergence of computerizedreading and the overbearing presence of the internet have eroded the capacityof humankind to concentrate. This is what Nicolas Carr argues in his book:Shallows: What the internet is doing to our brains. A similar thinking iscanvassed in You are not a gadget: A Manifesto by Jaron Lanier. But doeseveryone agree? Is the internet revolution not entirely a progressive one?

Imasuenand Ojogwu will relate the concerns of Messrs Carr and Lanier with theNigerian reading culture. They are to ask their audience: What is the significanceof the emergence of e-books and e-reading devices to the actual act ofreading?  Imasuen is a trained medical doctor who has published twonovels: To St Patrick and Fine Boys, the latter being the first book by anymainstream Nigerian publisher to be available in Kindle. The books arepublished by Farafina, of which Imasuen is now the Chief Operating Officer.Ojogwu is a member of the global shapers community of the World Economic Forum.She has been a writer, book and magazine editor at Farafina, TV reporter atPlateau Radio & TV Station, and communication coordinator at FATEFoundation. She currently works as senior consultant, Projects &Development Communications at Thistle Praxis Consulting Limited.




(Produced in partnership with British Council) 


1.30pm –3.00pm @ The Food Court

It’s no more news thatTope Folarin’s 2013 win of the prize makes him the 5th Nigerian towin it in 14 years. This event will be one of the few events on the continentfeaturing and celebrating short listed writers from the prize and is most aptin celebrating the year when so many Nigerian writers made the short list,given our festival theme for this year- Nigeria’s Centenary: The Lagos Story.

Why do so many Nigerianwriters enter for the Caine Prize year after year? What does the Prize mean tothem? Do they consider it a desirable source of validation as ‘African Writers’or do they just compete simply as Nigerians?

RotimiBabatunde, winner of the 2012 Caine Prize for African Writing joins two of the fourNigerians shortlisted for the same prize in 2013  — Abubakar A. Ibrahim and Elnathan John — inconversation on their writing and the Caine Prize experience.



3:00 – 4:30pm@ The Food Court

 CrownTroupe of Africa willpresent The Divorce of Lawino,Chinweizu’s response to Okot P’Bitek’s poems Song of Lawino and Song of Ocol onthe LABAF stage in their characteristic style, the avant-garde theatre companywill turn the play inside out and leave the audience well sated with amplemusic and dance provided to aid the digestion of the drama.

Chinweizuis well known as a scholar for his strong stance on colonialism, neocolonialism, slavery and imperialism, in his play he stays true to his fortebut in a light hearted way that serves as ready fodder for Crown Troupe’screative genius. Read a glowing tribute here: the Poet Odia Ofeimun on a production in 2006 ofthe same play by the same company. 

Established inJune 1996, The Crown Troupe of Africais a dance-theatre company well known for the creation of thought provoking andsocially relevant works.

The company ismade up of artistes who share a common belief in the viability of the arts as atool for social re-engineering, a major motive driving the group’s dedicationto the creation of works that are socially relevant, thought provoking andempowering. Crown Troupe is famous for their ground breaking, unique andinnovative rendition of works which are flexible enough to be performed inconventional and unconventional performance spaces.



(By Nelson Publishers) 

2:30 –4:00pm @ Kongi’s Hall 1

NelsonPublishers will be presenting a set of books at the 15th Lagos Book& Art Festival.

Nelson FictionSeries (NFS) was conceived to develop ingenuity in indigenous authors and alsoinculcate a reading culture among the youths. The first of the series “Dream Chasers” is acollection of stories from different authors and is being presented at LABAF2013.

The company isalso presenting a children’s series comprised of five books and a workbook eachfrom two authors. The series is called the Ivanaand Daara of the Cowrie Creek Series. The workbooks are to ensure goodunderstanding of the stories while having fun. These are part of the productsof Nelson Publishers whose primary focus is on building sound minds.

Nelson Publishersis a subsidiary company of Evans Brothers Nigeria Publishers Limited. Thecompany was acquired in 2004 to capture deepen the parent company’s reach intothe book market and to expand its product offering.




3:30pm – 5.00pm @ TheMain Stage

Moderated by Ayodele Olofintuade, The Books of 2013will feature readings and discussions around four interesting books that gotpublished in 2013- Sahara Testaments by TadeIpadeola (winner of the 2013 Nigeria Literature Prize), DreamMaker by Sage Hasson, Symphonyof Becoming by Iquo Eke and Loveis Power, or Something Like That by Igoni Barrett. The conversation will center around the beautifuluse of language in poetry and prose in the four books and of course, what itfeels like to put a book out in 2013!





(Produced in partnership with British Council) 

4:30pm – 6.00pm @ Kongi’s Hall 1, FreedomPark

Two highly acclaimed UK authors — Alan Bissett  and Matt Whyman

 — speak about the growingstrength and popularity in the UK for writing aimed at the young adult age group. Why is this a particularmarket focus, what does this writing cover, and why is this not a popular genrein Nigeria? The event will be chaired by the Managing Director of Hot Key Bookspublishing house Sarah Odedina 


Sarah Odedina began her publishing career working in the adultrights department of Penguin Books.  She moved into children’s books in1992 and quickly realised that she had found her niche.  After four and ahalf years working as Rights Director for Orchard Books she moved to Bloomsburyin January 1997 as Editorial Director and during her time at Bloomsbury shecommissioned and edited many prize-winning best-selling authors including NeilGaiman, Louis Sachar and Celia Rees.  She also over-saw the publication ofthe entire Harry Potter series which was successfully published in Englisharound the world by Bloomsbury.  In September 2011 Sarah left Bloomsburyto start a new fiction list for Bonnier Publishing and has already enjoyedconsiderable success with one of the Hot Key Books titles winning the CostaBook Award.


A critically acclaimed writer of teen fiction and plays, Alan is a Scottishwriter that recently took part in our EWWC project looking at questions ofnationalism in literature, form, future and politics. One edition went to SouthAfrica to be at Open Book Literature Festival. Alan is young, dynamic and writesengaging, very relevant novels about contemporary life. I’d strongly recommendhim, and his international profile has increased recently.
[Alan] has written several short stories, published in magazines and inthe anthology of Scottish Football Fiction, The Hope that KillsUs (2003), and was short- or long-listed for the Macallan/Scotland onSunday Short Story Competition for four consecutive years. He alsoedited Damage Land: New Scottish Gothic Fiction(2001).
His novels include Boyracers (2001), and The Incredible AdamSpark (2005), the latter told in the voice of 18-year old Adam, a boywith learning disabilities, who believes he has acquired superpowers. Hisnovel, Death of  a Ladies’ Man (2009), was shortlisted for a2009 Scottish Arts Council Book Award. His latest novel is PackMen (2011), the sequel to Boyracers. 


Matt Whyman is a young-adult novelist and a long-standing advicecolumnist for many teenage magazines.

Born in 1969, he grew up in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, and has anMA in Creative Writing from the University of East Anglia (1992). Sincethen, he has taught creative writing projects across the UK, and for theBritish Council in Russia and the Middle East.

Matt Whyman’s first novels were for adults: Man orMouse (2000), and Columbia Road (2002). Both titlesare romantic comedies that address the impact of technology on relationships.He has since written much darker works of fiction, often set outside the UK, aswell as non-fiction titles for teenagers. He has also contributed short storiesto a number of anthologies, and was a judge for the 2005 Booktrust TeenagePrize.

Matt’slatest book is his first non-fiction title for adults. Oink! My LifeWith Minipigs(2010) is a pet memoir with a twist in the tale.




 5pm-7pm @ The Food Court, Freedom Park 

  • Preface to the party for Francesca Emanuel, J. P. Clark-Bekederemo, Rasheed Gbadamosi and Dejumo Lewis. A roomful of old and young, distinguished, respected and regular Lagos personalities and guests trade stories on what the city means to them.
  • Interrogating Lagos with reference to A Bit of Difference by Sefi Atta; The Cow Tail and Other Stories of The African Diaspora by Lanre Ogundimu



7pm – 10pm@ The Main Stage 

The festival concert is acelebratory concert and this year, we will be celebrating art patrons/ artists who have clocked landmark birthdays in 2013, led by Mrs. Francesca Emmanuel, Professor J.PClark-Bekederemo, “King” Dejumo Lewis and Chief Rasheed Gbadamosi.

Headlined by The Ikenga Band, this year’s concert istagged: “Eko for Show” and it promises to be a musicalcelebration of the urban musical heritage and diversity of Lagos(1928-1980). From the music of Irewolede Denge (Omo Ijebu), JustusDomingo, Tunde King, Julius Olofin, Ayinde Bakare, the Lagos Jolly Orchestra,Rancho Boys, Julius Araba, Ambrose Campbell, through the Owambe Sound of the60’s and 70’s, on to the contemporary fusion genres.

Ikenga  led by lawyer,historian, and documentarist, Emeka Keazor(aka Ed Keazor), is a collectionof veterans of some of Nigeria’s greatest bands through the years, including:
1. Oscar Elimbi– (ex-Damon Albarn,Tony Allen, Fatai Rolling Dollar, Onyeka Onwenu, Ayetoro, Bongos Ikwue and theGroovies  etc Guitar);
2. Leo Adjebro– (ex FelaAnikulapo-Kuti Egypt 80, Eddie Okonta, Fatai Rolling Dollar, Steve RhodesVoices, Bongos Ikwue and the Groovies etc -Bongos/Harmonica); 3. Eddie Offeyi (ex MV Esstones, 2ndGeneration, Christy Essien, Headzfunk, Akwassa, Fatai Rolling Dollar etcDrums); 4. Ed Keazor(ex-Funkees,Dele Sosimi Afrobeat Orchestra, Ayetoro, Jimi
Solanke, Fatai Rolling Dollar, Amaranto Fernandez (Cuba) etc;Vocals/Guitar; 5. Michael Idowu (Ex-Lagbaja, Orlando Owoh, The Rhythm Project etc) Acoustic Bass; 6. Wasiu Adepoju– (Ex-Wasiu AyindeMarshall, Ayetoro etc) Talking Drums; 7. Taiwo– (Ex- Shack Lerry, Rhythm Project etc) – Agidigbo; 8. Tino Batangisa– (Ex-Tabu Ley, Abeti Massikini, Ras Kimono etc)-Saxophone.





(Produced in Partnership withiREP International Documentary FilmForum).



11.00am – 5:00pm@ Kongi’s Hall 1

A full day of film screening willcommence with a talk by Edward Keazor in honour of MrMichael Akinkunmi, the designer of Nigeria’s national flag, followed by twoshort documentaries on the Flag and Pa Akinkunmi’s life.

These filmswill aptly set the context for the screening of NAIJ: A HISTORY OF NIGERIA by JideOlanrewaju followed by 30 minutes of conversation on the prerogative todocument our collective history. Other films will follow in like vein.

 2pm: Premiere of DO FAGUNWA: Literature, Language,and Literalism

Fifty decades after his passing,Daniel Olorunfemi Fagunwa’s folklores, fables, stories, sagas and heroescontinue to remind us that we are also parts of the ancient heritage that firstgave meaning to humanity. His works find more drama in the heated controversiesthey generate both in their original Yoruba and in different languages to whichthey have been translated. DO. FAGUNWA, Literature, Language andLiteralism directed by Femi Odugbemi for DVWORX seeks to reposition theworks of D.O. Fagunwa in our contemporary literature; and as well in thecontext of our quest for nation building.




12:30 –2:00pm @ Food Court

Formal presentation of  two books – Tour of Duty and NigerianFestivals by the Travel Writer/Journalist Pelu Awofeso, publisher of Wakaboutmagazine.



2:00pm –6:00pm @ Food Court


The stampede will discuss keybooks released in recent times that chronicle the events that have shaped theNigerian film industry in one way or the other. (Intended books tobe discussed: Nollywood till November by Charles Novia, etc)



(Produced by Efe Paul Azino,Samuel Osaze, and Raheem Agoro) 


6:00pm –10:00pm @ The Main Stage

TheFestival closes with a smashing poetry jam session.

Being hosted atLABAF for the second year running, 100 Thousand Poets and Musicians for Changeis a universal movement that offers Poets, Musicians and other Artists thePlatform to express themselves freely against the prevalent socio-political,and economic ills that pervade the world in particular and fight against everyother thing that inconveniences humanity on the whole. The message is peace,equality, justice and pursuit of the overall happiness of humanity irrespectiveof race or color whatsoever is of primacy. The medium is the artistry of thepoet or musician/artist as the case may be which is seen as a viable weapon foreffecting change in a world almost gone chaotic. The Movement is headquarteredin San Francisco, USA where it is superintended by the founder; MichaelRothenberg. Motto: Poets and Artists Worldwide Unite for Peace andSustainability.



                                                VISUAL ART EVENTS @ LABAF 2013

 1.    NO FLY LIST. 

(Curated by NkechiNwosu-Igbo). 

Venue: Kongi’s Hall 2, 

The Edge Studio presents a group exhibition thatconsiders Lagos State as a snob. The term No Fly List is borrowed from thesame name term that is an authentic list conceived and managed by the TerroristScreening Centre (TSC) of the United States government. This list has names ofpeople who cannot travel in or out of the United States by air.

A few monthsago, the Governor of Lagos State authorized the rounding up and ‘deportation’of some Nigerians supposedly living on the streets of Lagos. All these peoplewere dumped at Onitsha, a town in Eastern Nigeria. The outrage that followedthis action was huge and the scandal shook the nation. The Governor has sinceapologized to the Igbo people for this.

Conveying thevaried thought-provoking practices of some of the inspiring and confrontationalartists working in Nigeria – JeliliAtiku, Nkechi Nwosu-Igbo, Fidelis Odogwu, Aderemi Adegbite, Diseye Tantua, AishaDapchi, Jumoke Verissimo – the exhibition inspects the approach of eachartist in documenting the controversies and excitement of living in Lagos at atime of alleged discrimination and injustice. These artists have offered a bodyof work where different forms like Installation, video, spoken word,photography, performance art, and music are used to describe the political,communal and emotional effects of living and surviving in beautiful Lagos. NoFly List mentions the scandal, the included, and also the pain of the excluded.



(Producedin association with VASON)

Venue: Cell Block 1, Freedom Park

Artswriter/critic, poet, culture activist, a founding member of the Arts WritersOrganisation of Nigeria, AWON, and a member of the Committee for Relevant Art, Uche Nwosu’s latest exhibition titled Old and New was held in October at ashow curated by the Visual Arts Society of Nigeria (VASON) at Freedom Park,Broad Street, Lagos Island.

Some of theworks from that exhibition will be shown at LABAF 2013 as an extension of theexhibition and in celebration of the artist’s tenacity and creative vision. Nwosusuffered a stroke eight years ago which left one side of his body paralyzed.The artist had to learn to

paint with hisleft hand as part of his efforts at overcoming the unfortunate incident. Theold and new works juxtaposed in the exhibition provide evidence on how his artcontinues to endure and in fact matures in the face of such a monumentalchallenge. His art has shown a consistent preoccupation with surrealism overthe years, emphasizing symbolism as a preferred tool for commentary. His colorpallet is daring, sometimes unsettling but often thought provoking.

Uche Nwosuspecializes in Painting. Since graduation, (he studied Fine and Applied Arts atthe University of Nigeria, Nsukka, (UNN) between 1986 and 1991) he hasparticipated in local and international exhibitions, including a soloexhibition at Nigeria’s National Museum (Fleeting Essence 1996), Lagos andanother at Goethe Institut Lagos (Together but Separate -2003). NationalGallery of Art (Shadows, Mountain and Valley 2011).He made his debut solo in1996 with Fleeting Essence, an exhibition of Paintings, Charcoal Drawingsand Photographs at National Museum, Onikan, Lagos.  Some of his past groupshows include: Some Works, at the Lekki Restaurant Gallery, Chevron Complex,Lagos;  Best Art,” National Gallery of Modern Art, Theatre National, 1996;Lagos. 


  1. Lagos in Pictures

Venue: Cell Block 1, Freedom Park 

A broad selection of photographs showing Lagos as it evolved over thepast decades will be shown during the festival. Works on display will includearchival works from the collections of EdwardKeazor, Dr. Raphael James of theCentre for Research, Information Management and Media Development (CRIMMD).


CORA WISHES TO THANK THE FOLLOWING SPONSORS, MEDIA PARTNERS, PROGRAMMEPARTNERS AND SUPPORTERS: BritishCouncil, Goethe Institut, Freedom Park, , Nelson Publishers, ZMirageMultimedia Company, iREP Documentary Film Forum, NTA,  Top Radio, Bubbles F.M., Inspiration F.M.,  UNILAG FM,Wazobia FM, STV, iGROOVE Radio, Rhythm93.7, Image & Heritage, The GuardianNewspapers, Businessday, Crown Troupe of Africa, tdjs, Coca Cola, RenegadeTheatre, Yaw9jaEntertainment, National Gallery of Art, Niger Delta PetroleumResources, Pillar Oil, Inspiro Productions, SEPLAT, Art-Africa Nigeria, KingsImage, Advocates for Human Rights ThroughArts, Niger Delta Exploration and Production Plc, DreamArts & Design Agency (DADA), The Life House, Farafina Books, Pen Nigeria, KINGSIMAGE, Cassava Republic Press, Children And TheEnvironment (CATE), LAIPO, Africa Oil + Gas Report, The Edge Studios, CultureAdvocates Caucus, Saraba Magazine, VASON, Amalion Publishing, The LODTand manymore partners.


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